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Yes we will say it for the 3rd time, Christmas Jersey

  You can use it on Christmas Day to look all respectable in front of your family but also for all your nights out to be festive. Hey, nobody will complain if you wear a Christmas jumper in work. But we're not here to talk about jumpers because you can always go one better after the launch of GAA Christmas jerseys.

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You can now buy Rugby & GAA Christmas Jerseys

You Can Now Buy Rugby & GAA Christmas Jerseys. You'll most likely spot someone wearing one of these in Coppers over the Christmas period. An Irish website has launched a range of Christmas rugby and GAA jerseys. The jerseys from Christmasjerseys.com 

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These GAA Christmas Jerseys Will Be The Height Of '12 Pubs' Fashion This Year

Christmas time has never been traditionally viewed as GAA season but that's all about to change with these new GAA festive jerseys.  Christmasjerseys.com is now selling a range of short-sleeved t-shirts for €29.99 which are perfect for wearing around Yuletide If you're more of a rugby person, you won't be disappointed as these rugby jerseys are also available for €32.  Truly the height of '12 pubs' fashion.

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The year of the Christmas GAA jersey, County Bondi won’t know what hit it

2015 - the year of the Christmas Jumper. 2016 - the year of the Christmas suit. And without further ado, 2017 is now the year of the Christmas GAA jersey. Yes. Christmas. GAA. Jerseys. Irish Gifts For You have launched a range of Lapland Gael jerseys and we’ve a feeling that they’re going to be very popular. Each jersey will set you back €29 and are also available in chrildren's sizes.   Don’t worry if GAA is not your thing, there’s also an option for rugby lovers. Discounts are available for multiple jerseys and shipping is worldwide. County Bondi won’t know what hit it.  

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